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California Media Solutions: 23 years of leadership in audio, video equipment industry

Since 1998, California Media Solutions has been a one-stop shop for businesses' video, audio, and IT needs. In those 23 years, California Media Solutions (aka Cal Media Solutions) has endeared itself to customers by offering the lowest prices on the market.

When Josh Hatfield and his wife started the company, they primarily worked in the videotape sector. The company’s  competitors at the time were gouging prices by 30%, so the business sold its products at prices 20% under the market, Hatfield said.

“Within a year, we had $1 million in sales," he said. "We gained steam and grew a very loyal customer base. We still work with a lot of them."

Today, the company has a massive inventory that includes audio/visual, cinema, computer, and storage equipment and accessories. Apple, Sony, and Panasonic are among the many popular electronics makers Cal Media Solutions distributes. True to its roots, Cal Media Solutions matches competitors’ prices to ensure customers always receive the lowest rates available.

“We’ve always tried to give them not just value but also low prices,” Hatfield said. “We try to be fair with people.”

That’s made a big difference in keeping Hatfield and his family in business for so long.

“For the last two decades, we’re still dealing with the same customers,” he said, “and that's part of what helped us get through the Great Recession and what’s going on now with the coronavirus.”

The Cal Media Solutions team puts in long hours to keep that loyalty, processing more than 1,200 orders a month just through their website.

Cal Media Solutions is always looking for ways to improve customer experience. In March of 2021, the company installed payments platform Fast's one-click checkout button. With Fast Checkout, Cal Media Solutions' customers can get the audio/visual equipment they need with just one click.

“I really like the concept,” Hatfield said. “We’ve been waiting for something like this for years.”

And Cal Media Solutions customers have taken to the button, with about 70% of online purchases being processed by Fast. For the company, adding Fast Checkout is just the beginning.

“We’re putting more effort into our website these days and trying to automate more, and having this payment process checks a lot of boxes,” Hatfield said.

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