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Burgeon Outdoor: Helping mountain communities flourish

Burgeon Outdoor teamed up with checkout platform Fast to offer customers a one-click payment experience.

When Rudy Glocker was a child, he fell in love with the mountains. He skied during winters and hiked in the summer with his family. He can still remember bitter winds, hot chocolate, swimming, and great adventures while on some of his favorite peaks. For Glocker, the mountains and their communities were heaven on earth. But that perspective changed as he grew older.

“I learned that my view from the ski resorts, mountain summits, and lakes didn’t show the whole picture,” he said. “Living in the mountains is tough. You have the long winters, tourists come and go, and steady work is hard to come by.”

That’s why in 2019 he founded Burgeon Outdoor, an outdoor apparel company based in Lincoln, New Hampshire. Glocker wants the economic benefits that come from these beautiful places to go back to the communities to the greatest extent possible.

“We believe it is our collective duty to protect, steward, and sustain these precious resources,” he said. “We believe outdoor apparel should be made in the communities which inspire their use.  This is why we donate 5% of each purchase to our environmental and community efforts.

Burgeon Outdoor sells base, mid, and outer layers, as well as hoodies, T-shirts, and accessories. The business's comfortable, functional, and stylish apparel are handcrafted in its Lincoln studio. Burgeon uses sustainable materials, including Tencel, recycled polyester, and organic cotton. The company also uses environmentally sensitive packaging.

Burgeon Outdoor goes Fast

In November of 2021, Burgeon Outdoor partnered with checkout platform Fast. The company created Fast Checkout, the payment button businesses use to offer customers the ability to check out in just one click. Fast helps shoppers bypass the numerous form fields and passwords that traditional checkout processes often require before completing a purchase.

The Boston Globe readers can now buy Burgeon Outdoor apparel while reading this shoppable review article, thanks to Fast’s headless checkout technology.

Burgeon recently used Fast to help spread its message in the form of a shoppable review article in The Boston Globe. This is made possible with a Fast feature called headless checkout. With headless checkout, stores can sell their products directly from ads, emails, catalogues, shoppable online articles, and more.

When a customer clicks the Fast Checkout button for the first time, a new window opens that prompts them to enter their name, shipping details, and payment information. With all future orders using the button, shoppers simply click “Fast Checkout,” and their transaction is complete in just seconds. Fast even waits five minute before charging a customer. In that time, if a shopper changes their mind and wants to cancel or edit their order, they can do so. Only after that five-minute window closes will a customer be charged.

“As we grow, we’re always looking for ways to improve our customer experience,” Glocker said. “With Fast, our customers can check out in mere seconds. That means more time for them to enjoy the great outdoors with their friends and family and to support mountain communities.”

Glocker’s dreams for his company don’t end in Lincoln. Burgeon aspires to be a business with multiple locations throughout the Appalachians, Rockies, Cascades, Sierra Nevadas, and even the Alps.

“We want to create a better tomorrow for mountain communities everywhere,” Glocker said. “We will accomplish that by investing in the people, economy, environment, and social fabric of outdoor communities.”

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