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Botanical Animal Flower Essences pioneers all-natural therapies for animals

Before the mid-1990s, flower-based therapies for animals did not exist. Then Botanical Animal Flower Essences came along.

Botanical Animal Flower Essences is a line of remedies specifically for animals based on the work done by Edward Bach, a medical doctor who discovered and created flower-based remedies.

“There were no flower essence combinations created specifically to address the emotional or behavioral needs of animals, and homeopathic remedies were still largely misunderstood by the public,” said Miriam Altman, President of Natural Selection Products, which owns Botanical Animal Flower Essences. “Our owner had the privilege of working with Botanical Animal Flower Essences for nearly a decade when the opportunity arose to acquire the line. Today our goal is to carry on the original intent of the creator of the Botanical Animal Flower Essences: help as many animals as possible.”

Three of the company’s best-selling products are Mellow Out, a formula that helps with anxiety, agitation, and nervousness; Sibling Rivalry, which helps with jealousy, possessive behavior between animals or animals and humans; and Devil Be Gone, which helps with aggression, hostility, and dangerous behavior.

Botanical Animal Flower Essences products are all-natural and come in liquid form, but that’s not all that makes it stand out, Altman said.

“Our integrity as a company and consistent effort to provide the highest quality product for our customers is the cornerstone of our business,” she said. “We are also unique in that we were the first on the market to provide flower essences formulas for animals. And we donate a portion of all of our sales to the International Myeloma Foundation to honor the creator of the original line and our family members who lost their battle to the devastating disease.”

Botanical Animal Flower Essences also puts that level of care into its customers.

“We are a small company and work to help meet the needs of each animal and owner, as they are all different,” Altman said. “We often spend 30-plus minutes on the phone with a customer ensuring that we properly understand the challenges that they are facing with the animal, and how our Botanical Animal Flower Essences can help them overcome them. In fact, many customers find themselves talking directly with me to help determine the best solution for their pets.”

Another key to customer satisfaction is a smooth checkout experience. Botanical Animal Flower Essences installed payments platform Fast’s one-click checkout button in November 2020. Fast Checkout allows customers to purchase products in just one click. Botanical Animal Flower Essences was having issues with its previous payment processor before learning about Fast on social media. In just over six months, Fast-processed orders reached 10%.

“Having a simple checkout process for our customers has been a huge benefit to our business,” Altman said. “We struggled with other platforms having glitches or not working when needed. Fast has helped us capture our orders more consistently and reduce issues with losing sales to checkout issues.”

With a checkout solution it likes, Botanical Animal Flower Essences can fully focus on growth.

“The thing we look forward to the most is sharing how fantastic these simple remedies are and helping more and more pet owners discover them,” Altman said. “We’ve recently been able to get the products into some rather large retailers, which only helps more animals. We are really looking forward to expanding into more stores and sharing the products with more people.”

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