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BeddingCo: Eco-friendly luxury bedding, bathroom accessories, and furniture

With BeddingCo, customers don't only enjoy a good night's sleep. They rest knowing that their purchases help protect the environment.

That’s because the Australian bedding company based in Sydney has been eco-friendly from production to delivery for more than 20 years. BeddingCo sells bedding, mattresses, bedroom furniture, and more products that are ethically sourced, produced with manufacturers that follow sustainable practices, and do not harm animals in the process. The company also partners with the organization Carbon Neutral in support of its Plant-a-Tree conservation to fight deforestation.

BeddingCo sells bedding, mattresses, bedroom furniture, and more ethically sourced products.

Anticipating the shrinking of the wholesale market in Australia, BeddingCo Co-Founder Rumel Haidari and his business partner went all-in on the direct-to-consumer model.

“I decided BeddingCo is going to be a household name,” Rumel said.

The pair already had product sourcing down; it was time to invest into building a worthwhile platform. Rumel never doubted the company would be successful. 

“It's all about being customer focused and doing things the right way,” Rumel said.

One such thing is BeddingCo’s commitment to minimizing its environmental footprint. Rumel has personally visited almost every factory the company works with to make sure they meet the BeddingCo standard.

“We’re all in this together in more ways than we realize,” he said. “You have to be responsible for the planet.”

Rumel also gets into the details when it comes to customer care. He can’t remember a single time in the last two decades that an unhappy customer was ignored or left without a solution. When issues escalate, he’ll do what it takes to ensure the person’s experience with the company is a good one – even if that means taking customer service into his own hands.

“I'll get on the phone and ask them, ‘Where did we go wrong?’ ‘How can we fix it?’” Rumel said.

Getting more ethically produced products to consumers’ doorsteps became easier once the Fast Checkout button was installed on the BeddingCo website. The one-click payment button comes from Fast, home of the world’s fastest online login and one-click checkout experience.

When Rumel saw the tech, he thought the idea was “brilliant.” And it didn’t hurt that the Fast Co-Founder and CEO is a fellow Aussie, he said.

BeddingCo customers can check out in one click on the product detail page, thanks to the Fast Checkout button.

With Fast Checkout, the purchasing experience is one-and-done. After putting in their payment and shipping address once, customers are empowered to make all future purchases with a single click – on any website using the Fast button. Traditional checkout pages require buyers to enter five to 14 information fields and take minutes to complete. A whopping 70 percent of transactions-in-progress are abandoned because customers become unengaged at checkout.

“You're almost bypassing the whole [shopping cart] abandonment issue. The easier and more seamless you make the process, the less likely the customer's going to change their mind,” Rumel said. “It's one of those things that you want to make as quick as possible.”

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