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Awesome Diecast: Founder shares childhood passion for replica cars with international community

Jeff Silver’s passion for anything with wheels dates back to childhood, when an uncle purchased a Dinky Wayne school bus model for him seen in a thrift shop window. As the years went by, Jeff’s passion for diecast and his knowledge of the diecast world grew, eventually inspiring him to found Awesome Diecast out of his garage.

Die-casting is the process of creating tools, and then molding liquid Zinc into a form. In the case of Awesome Diecast, that means toy and collectible cars, trucks, and more. Since its founding, Silver has grown Awesome Diecast into a business that operates out of a 5,500-square-foot sales and warehouse facility in Boca Raton, Florida, and partners with several overseas factories. Awesome Diecast customers can now be found in more than 50 countries.

Jeff Silver, Founder of Awesome Diecast

With a selection of more than 8,500 different models from all areas of transportation, including aviation, automotive, emergency, farming, and construction vehicles, since 2002, Awesome Diecast has sold more than 100,000 model replicas and continues to enjoy annual sales growth exceeding 10%.

“Our success is in the ability to turn a single new customer into a lifelong customer,” said Robyn Nickole, Marketing and Communications Manager for Awesome Diecast. “Our company’s team members all share the passion of diecast models, and it’s evident in how we conduct our business and interact with our clients. Our knowledgeable staff and the level of industry expertise is what makes us stand out.”

Dinky Toys Wayne school bus (Dinky Conventional Tours)

Awesome Diecast also supports numerous charitable organizations and causes. Since its founding, the business has donated more than $50,000 to a host of charities including St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Make-A-Wish, SmileTrain, and Toys for Tots. The company is also dedicated to protecting the environment by offsetting the carbon footprint it creates with each box it ships. Each year since 2011 it has donated to to support reforestation projects and renewable energy research and has offset more than 350 tons of carbon – essentially having a zero carbon footprint from all the shipping it does.

As Awesome Diecast’s customer base has grown, so has the need for a simple and quick checkout process. Through e-commerce platform BigCommerce, Awesome Diecast learned about Fast, a one-click checkout service that processes orders in a matter of seconds. Customers only have to add their payment and shipping information once, Fast then securely saves that data, and all future purchases can be made in one click. It greatly increases the efficiency and rapidity of checking out, and the number of clients using the platform continues to grow.

Awesome Diecast’s checkout process needed to be streamlined, Nickole said. In October 2020, the business installed the Fast Checkout button. Since then, Awesome Diecast’s conversion rate increased post-installation.

“What makes Fast unique is the ability to save time in the checkout process and the ease of usability,” Nickole said. “If one of our competitors is selling the same item at the same price, clients are apt to purchase from us, as using the Fast platform allows them to literally check out in seconds.”

Fast Checkout is one of the tools helping set up Awesome Diecast for continued success over the years to come, and it plans to be around for a long time, Nickole said.

“Awesome Diecast is already continuing to exist through the generations,” she said. “Jeff’s sons, Matthew and Andrew, both are “Gear Heads” and have shown a keen sense for business and the ability to continue Jeff’s lifelong passion.”

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