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Aravaipa Running hosts trail and endurance runs in the American Southwest

Logging nonstop trail runs that can span 50 to 100 miles, Jamil Coury fell in love with the sport in 2005. 

Three years later, that passion came full circle when he took over an Arizona-based, 100-mile marathon and later founded Aravaipa Running, an event management company. Now, Aravaipa organizes 25 annual trail and endurance runs ranging from four to 100 miles across the Southwestern United States.

Aravaipa celebrates being active outdoors and encompasses a community for everyone, Coury said.

“We keep everything as inclusive as possible,” he said. “Everyone’s welcome to come out, wherever you are in your athletic journey, or if you’re not even an athlete, there’s something here for everyone.”

San Tan Scramble 5K / Photo by Jubilee Paige (Aravaipa Running on Facebook)

Under normal circumstances, Aravaipa draws about 15,000 people for events a year. In 2020, the company responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by organizing virtual races, which drew about 10,000 participants, Coury said.

Coury knew Aravaipa Running would be a success when he organized this second race.

“It was an idea I had to start a new race in this park, and right out of the gate we had 200 people sign up for the first race,” he said. “I was blown away that that many people would come out to this thing. That was just an idea in my head. When you're planning for special events, you know the only place that exists is in your brain as the organizer, and you do months of planning and then you go out for one day to execute your vision. Then the next day, you tear it all down, and it's gone and it looks like it never happened. It just only exists in the memory of those who came.”

Part of that success also includes a seamless online shopping experience for Aravaipa customers. Coury learned about the one-click checkout platform Fast by following Co-Founder and COO Allison Barr Allen, an avid runner, on Twitter and spotting the company’s hoodie promotion. Coury bought a hoodie using the company’s Fast Checkout button.

“Once I experienced the product for the first time, clicking the button and your order is done, I thought it was incredible,” he said. “So easy, so painless.”

Fast Checkout allows shoppers to complete orders in just a matter of seconds. Fast does this by securely saving buyers’ payment and shipping information so that they never have to enter it again. The next time they want to buy something from a site using Fast Checkout, they only have to click the button, and the order is sent.

Coury first installed Fast Checkout in December 2020 on the site Run Steep Get High, a lifestyle brand he spun off from Aravaipa Running. Then Aravaipa began using Fast Checkout in February 2021.

Aravaipa uses Fast Checkout as a payment option for its trendy apparel: T-shirts, long sleeves, and race singlets; hoodies; scarves; hats, beanies, and headwraps; joggers; and stainless steel cups, silicone cups, and mugs. Items range in price from $6 to $44.

Aravaipa uses a third-party service to register runners for its events, but Coury hopes to incorporate that process into his site and add Fast Checkout to make that experience smooth.

“It would just continue to put us on the leading edge in our industry,” he said. “We always like to raise the bar in everything we do.”

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