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Appalachian Organics: Natural and sustainable products delivered to your door

Appalachian Organics has been a hub for natural and organic food and household products since 2013.

The Pennsylvania-based business evolved from another business that manufactured candles before shifting to other products such as natural shampoos and other health and beauty items. The company’s suppliers also grew their inventories to include organic food, which inspired a rebrand for Appalachian Organics to fit the newer products.

Appalachian Organics sells items spanning a range of areas: aromatherapy, health and beauty, home and garden, natural foods, spices, and supplements. Brands it carries include Frontier Herb, Nature's Way, Mrs. Meyer's, and Simply Organic. The company processes about 600 orders per month, and that number is growing, Appalachian Organics Owner Shaun Donovan said.

“A lot of the things we're looking for, it either has a natural or a sustainability element to it,” he said. “We try to keep our products healthier for the environment and healthier for you as well.”

Appalachian Organics’s core values are responsiveness, integrity, simplicity, and sustainability. The company focuses on educating customers about healthy living, distributes only certified natural and organic products, provides a user-friendly process for shopping and delivery, and works with organizations and communities that promote healthy lifestyle choices and economic development.

Part of the education component includes transparency about the origin of the products the company distributes.

“A lot of our products have a story behind them,” Donovan said. “It keeps our customers engaged because they understand a little bit more about products, anywhere from something as simple as where items are sourced or how producers are compensated for their work. We even have a seafood company that can tell you the exact name of the fishermen that caught the fish that’s in the packet you receive.”

Appalachian Organics also exercises simplicity by providing a seamless checkout experience. In October 2020, Appalachian Organics installed Fast Checkout from the payments platform Fast. With Fast Checkout, shoppers enter their login and payment information just once and then complete all future Appalachian Organics orders with one click.

“It solved an issue for us,” Donovan said. “It shortened the checkout process. Customers already have their information loaded in there, and they're coming in just looking for a particular item, go right to that product page, and buy instantaneously. We found that customers had a good response to it.”

Appalachian Organics is growing. The company recently announced its expansion with new shipping locations on the West Coast. It’s clear Appalachian Organics is a popular marketplace for natural and organic products.

“We've gotten a lot of feedback,” Donovan said. “The customers really like the product selection that we have. They may have a local natural health food store where they shop, but then they can shop with us and buy the other things that that particular company doesn't carry. We can fill that gap if they find an item they really like and can continue to buy it as long as it's being made.”

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