Sep 15, 2021

Why your business needs headless checkout

The journey from product page to checkout can be a minefield for businesses. More than 70% of online shoppers, after already deciding they want to buy something, abruptly change their mind and abandon their carts. That represents billions of dollars in lost revenue for businesses.

Why does that happen? For many customers, it takes too long to complete a purchase. But what if customers could do it all in one click? And what if they could do it anywhere they see a business’s product?

This dress can be purchased while reading an article about it.

Now they can. The solution is called headless checkout. Headless checkout decouples the purchase and payments experience from online stores and enables customers to make purchases from virtually anywhere. With headless checkout, customers can make purchases directly from a publisher’s review page, a retailer’s email, sponsored articles, and through other digital avenues.

With headless checkout, businesses can tap a new revenue stream. In addition to physical, web, and mobile presence, businesses can also place their merchandise in front of customers and allow them to purchase on the spot. If a business already spends money on advertising, they’re halfway there. Headless checkout allows businesses to promote their items through traditional digital advertising and include payment buttons.

By embracing this new approach to sales, products can be shared and immediately purchased through digital advertising, blog posts, affiliate marketing, email, microsites, and other methods. This isn’t science fiction. It’s headless checkout.

At Fast, we’ve made a name for ourselves with Fast Checkout, our one-click checkout button that we integrate into businesses’ product detail and checkout pages. Now, we’re taking the next step by making the Fast Checkout button available wherever businesses promote their products.

Headless checkout is a revolutionary way of selling online. Meet your customers exactly where they are. Update how you market your products and overall business. Headless checkout won’t endanger your website; there will always be customers who head directly to your site to make a purchase. Instead, headless checkout democratizes the purchasing experience and helps you make sales when your customers aren’t on your site.

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