Fast Checkout for BigCommerce
Ready to get Fast? Here’s how to quickly install Fast Checkout for your BigCommerce store. It’s easy, with no custom integration required.

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Start Onboarding
First up: answer a few questions about your business in the seller dashboard. You’ll need a Fast account and a BigCommerce account to get started.
Start onboarding in Fast’s seller dashboard ⭢
1. Tell us about your business
We use this information to verify your account.
2. Fill out app details
Next, tell us about the website where you’re installing Fast Login.
3. Choose BigCommerce
Continue with BigCommerce, or continue here if your website is hosted elsewhere.
4. Get the Fast BigCommerce app
Select BigCommerce as your platform. If your site is hosted elsewhere, follow these instructions instead.
Copy the code
Use this snippet in your code to install the Fast Checkout button.
See Examples ⭢
Complete Onboarding
1. Finish your business profile
2. Add bank details
We need this information so you can accept payouts from Fast.
Go Fast 🚀
That’s it! You’re now all set up with the world’s fastest checkout.
Fast Tip
BigCommerce offers variant ids and option ids to uniquely identify items in your store. We recommend you use variant ids whenever possible. If you provide both, the variant id will override any option id settings.