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Become a Seller

The first step to integrating Fast Checkout with your store is to become a seller with Fast. We like to keep things fast around here, so the onboarding process is pretty straightforward.

Become a Seller on →

Create an account

Start by completing the account form with your email and name. This will establish your authentication with your Fast account—make sure you enter your email correctly.

Get Started as a Seller

Organization Details

Complete your organization details. If a Partner sent you our way, we'd really love to hear about it in the supplied field.

Organization Details

Complete your integation details

Complete your integration details. Please be sure to add an active website domain or you will receive a verification error. You won't be able to work locally to test your integration, unfortunately, unless you use a live sandbox domain.

Integration Details

Follow technical integration steps

You will need to complete the installation steps to verify your site with Fast. Please visit one of the following installations guides:

Return to Fast seller account dashboard

Navigate back to the Fast Seller Dashboard → to complete your business details, like business verification and banking information. We gotta make sure you get your money in the right place!

Continue Fast seller account setup

Complete business verification

Click Continue account setup so you can complete your business verification. You will need your Employer Indentification Number (EIN) or your Social Security Number (SSN) if you use that for tax purposes.

Business verification

Complete all onboarding tasks

Complete any other onboarding tasks you may have in your Fast seller dashboard.

Open seller onboarding tasks

If all of your onboarding tasks are complete & your website integration is successful, you're ready to start leveraging the benefits of Fast.