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Fast Test Suite CLI


Fast Test Suite CLI only works with Sandbox environment.



You will need to install Redis which is in charge of storing your API Access Token securely


# Downloads and starts Redis server
brew install redis
brew services start redis

Other platforms can navigate to for download instructions.


You will need to start the redis server in order for the CLI to work.


You will need to clone the Test Suite CLI binary on your machine.

git clone
cd fast-test-suite-cli

Alternatively you can directly download the project as a zip file here



If you are having SSL issues, you can use the flag --disable-ssl to disable ssl for that request.


References to product_id below refer to a product id in your backend


To login you will need the API key provided to you and your app id. This command will store your API key in a local file. Please use logout when finished to remove this file

./fast-test-suite login
Please enter your API access token: <api_token>
Please enter your app id: <app_id>


Logout will remove your API key from the filesystem. Run this once you are done using the CLI.

./fast-test-suite logout

PDP Simple New User

./fast-test-suite pdp-simple-new-user --product-id=<product_id> --app-id=<app_id>

PDP Simple Existing User

./fast-test-suite pdp-simple-existing-user --product-id=<product_id> --app-id=<app_id>

PDP Simple Full Suite

./fast-test-suite pdp-simple-full-suite --product-id=<product_id> --app-id=<app_id>

Common Issues

Initiate Checkout Stage fails

Ensure your product_id that you list exists in your backend.

Redis Connection Issue

Error 61 connecting to localhost:6379. Connection refused.

If you see the error above, ensure your local Redis server is running and on port 6379.