Last updated 2 months ago

Fast Order Statuses

Status Name Description
ORDER_STATUS_UNSPECIFIED The status of the order is unspecified.
ORDER_STATUS_CART Order and Cart share the same data model, this status means that Order is in Cart status this status will be populated on all Fast Carts.
ORDER_STATUS_PENDING The timer has expired and the cart has been converted to an order, it is pending payment.
ORDER_STATUS_HOLD The order is on hold before it will be processed.
ORDER_STATUS_BOOKED The order is pending payment and fraud checks.
ORDER_STATUS_PENDING_FULFILLMENT Payment has been completed and the order is now pending fulfillment.
ORDER_STATUS_FULFILLED When Fast receives confirmation from the Seller that the shipping is complete, this status will be populated.
ORDER_STATUS_COMPLETE When there are no pending tasks related to this order it is marked as complete.
ORDER_STATUS_CANCELED The user cancels the order or the cart is abadoned.
ORDER_STATUS_DELETED Fast has deleted this order.