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Fast Checkout for BigCommerce Installation Guide

Ready to get Fast? Here’s how to quickly install Fast Checkout for your BigCommerce store. It’s easy, with no custom integration required.

Become a Seller

Make sure that you've completed your seller signup until you reach the section Follow technical integration steps. If you've done these steps already, you're ready to move forward.

Get Started as a Seller

Choose BigCommerce

Continue with BigCommerce, or continue here if your website is hosted elsewhere.

Get the Fast BigCommerce app

Select BigCommerce as your platform. If your site is hosted elsewhere, follow these instructions instead.

Install the button

Use this snippet in your code to install the Fast Checkout button.

<fast-checkout-button app_id="{{app_id}}" />

Legacy theme templates (Blueprint):

  1. You must include the following script tag in the HTMLHead.html file

    <script src=""></script>
  2. AND remove cart_id="{{cart_id}}" from the Fast Checkout button scripts

Do not to do these two steps if you have a Cornerstone themed template.

See Examples →

Complete your business details

Return to Seller Signup documentation → to complete your seller profile.