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1-Click Checkout.
Fast. Easy. Safe.

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How it works

Prepare to checkout seamlessly with two simple steps

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Input your checkout information once into ‘Fast Checkout’

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Visit any website with Fast Checkout installed, and press ‘Fast Checkout’ to make a purchase without re-entering any data or manually signing up or logging in

Why Fast Login

The easiest way to login, without passwords

It's Fast & Easy

Login without passwords across the web

It's Safe and Secure

View your login and device history on the user dashboard

Your security is our priority

Fast is built on trust, and we are dedicated to investing in the latest safety and security technologies to protect your information. We commit to only sharing data when you choose to do so.

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For Business

Are you looking to increase sales and checkout conversion? Fast is the Fast-est solution for you.

For Developers

Fast is the best solution for accepting payments, so that you don’t need to waste time building front-end authentication and checkout flows from scratch.

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